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Noni Frequently Asked Questions

How does Noni (Morinda citrofolia) work?

What is Morinda citrifolia?

Where does the Noni plant grows?

How long after drinking Noni should I feel the results?

What Type of problems has NONI cured OR improved?

Will Noni help specifically my problem or situation?

Is Noni considered a safe product to drink?

How does the Noni (Morinda citrofolia) works?
Although scientifics have been studying the morinda citrifolia plant since 1950, the still havenít been able to find its great ìsecretî. Even though, they are closer on understanding why Noni is so effective against several sicknesses and abnormalities.

It has been prooved that microscopic bacterium like viruses, parasites and fungus are the root of many of the problems that affect our health. The Noni helps our body to defend himself from these bad bacterium.

For example, Dr. Anne Hirazumi-Kim has concluded that people who drinks Noni increase significantly their T-Cells count. T-Cells are an integral part of the immunological system of the body.

The first defense of the body against microscopic bacterium is the skin. The bacterium get into our body through the skin and the mouth and attack the good cells of the body, making the healthy cells to reproduce copies of the cells with the bacterium. There comes the moment in which some of the cells of the body canít resist anymore the bacterium and their membrane explodes, killing the cells of the region and releasing toxines inside the body that will kill other healthy cells.

Our immunological system composed by trillions of soldiers called white cells, is our defense. Different types of white cells patrol around the body searching for bacterium.

For example, when type-B cells recognize an enemy bacterium in the blood, they start to generate antibodies to destroy it. But if the bacterium is hidden inside a cell of the body, the antibodies canít recognize it or destroy it. Therefore, another type of lymphocites known as T-Cells, look out for infected cells and open their membranes to destroy the antibodies.

Noni increases sifnificantly our T-cells count. This explains why Noni increases our defense of our immunological system and why it has such a positive effect in several health problems.

What is Morinda citrifolia?
Morinda citrifolia is the scientific name of the Noni plant. Morinda citrifolia is also known as Nonu and Nono in several islands of the South Pacific.

Where does the Noni plant grows?
The Noni or Morinda Citrifolia is a plant or tree that grows in hot, tropical environments. The Noni can be found in places like Panama, Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa and some countries of Central and South America,

How long after drinking Noni should I feel the results?
Each one of us responds differently. Some of us will feel an immediate difference and some will take longer to see the benefits. Our experience with the consumer of Noni shows that approximately a 25% experience a noticeable difference in three weeks more or less, 50% between three and eight weeks and 25% between eight and twelve weeks.

What type of problems has Noni cured or improved?
Remember that Noni helps the immunological system work better. In essence, Noni is not responsible for the improvements of the body, your body is. Since your immunological system is very intelligent, it will cure itself, using the necessary tools. We have compiled a list of health problems which have been improved by the use of Noni.

Will Noni help with my problem or situation?
We can't tell you which effect it will have. Noni is its particular condition. Phisiologically we are all different. Not even a doctor can assure you the effect that a drug will have on each individual. Noni is a nutritious supplement. If you ask in a supermarket what effect will a citric have on a aparticular person, even though it?s known that citrics clean the body, nobody can answer that.
Dr. Neil Solomon in his book "Noni: the tropical fruit with 101 medicinal uses", undertakes a survey to 8000 persons who drank Noni to improve several types of problems. The final result was that doctors and profesionals interviewed after the study, concluded that Noni helped 78% of the consumers, 60% of tyhe people who drank the juice confirmed that they would not stop drinking it for nothing in the world.

Is Noni considered a safe product to drink?
Yes, Noni is a natural fruit and it is safe to consume, only if it comes from a trusted manufacturer that has all the sanitary requirements.