Morinda citrifolia Noni Noni

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How to prepare Noni Juice

Noni is generally used for its health benefits, not its taste. The fruit handling has to be done very gently, taking into account that it doesn’t smell good. For consumption suggestions, click here.

Before you buy the Noni fruit, it is important that,
1) you know where the fruit is coming from
2) if chemicals or pesticides have been used in the fruit’s development
3) that you have the correct type of Noni
4) it is an adult fruit
If you don't know how to answer the above, you should buy Noni Juice from a pharmacy or known establishment.

Noni Juice can be prepared in several ways, here is one:

Use an adult fruit. Crush the entire fruit using a mixer, and dilute it with water or your favorite fruit juice. The more diluted it is, less Noni per serving, but better taste (you are looking for a healthy effect, not taste).